Western Regional Chapter
Message From The President
November 1, 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen it is with great honor to come before you has the newly elected President 2017·2018 Western Regional Chapter of IAATI. I wish to thank my fellow board members for their trust in electing me to this term. My name Is Michael "Mick" O'Neill and I am currently a Senior Special Investigator and Law Enforcement Liaison for Hagerty Classic Car Insurance, the preeminent classic, exotic and vintage car insurer which is headquartered in Traverse City, Michigan. I began my career in 1979 with a European law enforcement agency and in the 1990's moved to the United States In addition to working throughout Latin America with respect to law enforcement Issues. I am past President of the Orange County Auto Theft Investigator's Association (2014·2016), current Secretary of the Western States Auto Theft Investigator's Association, The Association of Former Intelligence Officers (Los Angeles Chapter) and now newly elected President of the Western Regional Chapter.

It is my desire during my tenure to bring together many excellent current and former auto theft detectives to assist in providing training to other chapters who may not have the resources currently available to them. Whether this will be a direct on site presentation, or by means of telephone conferences, or via the Internet; I hope those in need of training please reach out to their respective taskforce leaders and request our assistance.

I also encourage those new members to maintain their membership of IAATI updated and utilize it as a valuable tool for knowledge and networking throughout the United States and well beyond our borders. In addition, please encourage those you meet at the various and varied law enforcement and insurance industry seminars to find time to sign up for this organization which has been dedicated since the 1950's to help combat the theft of motor vehicles.

I conclude my message by once again thanking all of the dedicated partners with special mention to past board Presidents, John Bartolone, Dennis Frias, JD Hough, Annette Jacobs, Rick Spallinger, Rick Greenwood, Gary Labb and Bud Hood, and those I may have failed to mention, as stalwarts in maintaining the integrity of this great 0fianlzatlon. Once again please reach out to any of the board members for assistance and we will be happy to help.

Michael “Mick” O’Neill
2017-2018 Western Regional Chapter President

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WRC President's Message
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