Western Regional Chapter
Message From The President
October 11, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Western Regional Chapter of IAATI,

I would like to thank the members of the Western Regional Chapter – International Association of Auto Theft Investigators (WRC-IAATI) for allowing me to serve as the President of this great organization for 2011-2012.

I would like to provide a little information about my background to the membership. I have served as a certified Law Enforcement Officer in Kansas, Missouri and Colorado. I obtained a sworn position with the Arvada Colorado Police Department in 1994 and have served in the Criminal Investigation Bureau since 2000. In 2007 I served as president of the Colorado Auto Theft Investigators Association (CATI) and remained active with the organization in a training organizer and grant writing volunteer position. I hold a Bachelors degree form Kansas State University and have obtained IAATIs Master Investigator Certification for motor vehicle crimes investigation. As part of increasing our professional standards I strongly encourage each member to strive for IAATI certification.

J.D. Hough

One of my goals for the WRC– IAATI will be to continue providing support to our active branches while revitalizing branches in Hawaii, Nevada. The WRC will be seeking partners interested in organizing additional chapters in Wyoming, Utah, Montana and Idaho region into active members of the WRC-IAATI.

IAATI President, Joe Brosius, has given each chapter the challenge of increasing overall organizational membership by 10 %. I am therefore requesting each branch President to point out to their membership the advantages of the being active in their branch and possessing a membership in IAATI. IAATI membership includes a concurrent WRC membership, the APB magazine which is published 3 times a year, IAATI E- News which is published bi-monthly, access to the IAATI file library, IAATI auto theft investigation proficiency certification, annual IAATI training conference and access to auto theft investigators internationally.

I would like to congratulate the Arizona Auto Theft Investigators for presenting an excellent training seminar in Laughlin, Nevada. The instructors for the two day training seminar were experts in their particular field and enthusiastic about their presentations. The Arizona classes on export of stolen motor vehicles and the involvement of the Mexican cartels enforces the notion that motor vehicle theft has no boundaries.

Finally I encourage you to actively participate in your branches and vie for board positions. I believe that for the WRC-IAATI and IAATI to be successful it is necessary for each and every branch and its members to participate fully in their respective organizations.

Det. William (Bill) Johnson
2012 Western Regional Chapter President

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WRC President's Message
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