Western Regional Chapter
Message From The President
November 20, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Western Regional Chapter of IAATI,

It is an honor to serve as President of Western Regional Chapter of IAATI. I was elected as the WRC President on September 16, 2009 and will hold this position until the new board is elected in September 2010.

J.D. Hough

This year the Western Regional Chapter meeting was held in Laughlin, Nevada at the Arizona Auto Theft Investigators Association (AATIA) seminar. At the WRC meeting the new executive board was elected. A recent by-law change was passed and enacted. The new WRC executive board will now take office at the yearly meeting and hold that office until the next board is elected and takes office the following year. The previous Executive Board positions ran from January through December. At this time we are planning to hold the WRC 2010 meeting at the Colorado Auto Theft Investigators (CATI) seminar in September 2010. When the date and location is set I will send it out.

I would like to introduce myself and the newly elected WRC Executive Board who assumed their duties on September 16, 2009.

President: Sgt. J.D. Hough of the Arizona Department of Public Safety Vehicle Theft Task Force. I have been with DPS for twenty-nine years and been assigned to the Vehicle Theft Task Force since 2001. I am currently the President of AATIA and have held that position for the last six years. I am currently a Director on the IAATI board and have been assigned the chairperson of the manufacturers committee. I am also serving as a member of the heavy equipment committee.

Our 1st Vice President is Detective Jim Kautz. Jim has been with the Westminster Police Department in Colorado for 38 years. He has been assigned to the Investigations Division since 1976. Jim has been the President of the Colorado Auto Theft Investigators association 3 times (1994/2003/2006). Jim and his team hosted the IAATI seminar in 2009. They did an outstanding job and put on an excellent seminar.

The 2nd Vice President is Frank Graber. Frank is a retired detective from the Fullerton Police Department in Southern California. Frank served 31 years with the Fullerton Police Department, 12 years in auto theft, four of which were with the Orange County Auto Theft Taskforce (OCATT). Frank is the 2005 past president of the Western States Auto Theft Investigators (WSATI) Southern Chapter.

Our 3rd Vice President is Bud Hood. Bud is a retired detective from the Orange County Sheriffs Office in Southern California. Bud worked for the Orange County S.O. for 28 years. He spent his last six years assigned to the Orange County Auto Theft Taskforce (OCATT).

The final WRC Executive Board position is the appointment of Rick Greenwood as the Secretary/Treasure. This position is new to the WRC board and will be appointed by the Executive Board each year. Rick Greenwood is the current past WRC President. For the last twenty-one years, Rick has worked for the Riverside Police Department in Southern California. Rick is an active member of IAATI and Western States Auto Theft Investigators (WSATI), Southern Chapter. He is a past president of WSATI and is currently serving as a Director on the IAATI Executive Board.

I look forward to serving the next year with this experienced and dedicated group as your WRC Executive Board. We will do our best to keep WRC active and supporting IAATI.

Due to the current budget restrictions to many law enforcement agencies and the private sector, I have noticed the number of attendees at the seminars and conferences this past year to be a lot less than normal. At the AATIA seminar in September, we had approximately 150 fewer registered attendants from the previous years. Many law enforcement agencies in Arizona and other Western States are cutting back on auto theft squads to help with their budget issues. It is imperative that we stay active in our local auto theft investigator associations, Western Regional Chapter, and IAATI.

I was able to attend the IAATI seminar in Colorado and the WSATI seminar in Lake Tahoe. Both of these seminars were excellent and very well received. The quality of instruction and sharing of information is what made both these seminars a success. During these seminars I was able to make contacts with investigators in numerous states and other countries. Having these contacts is an invaluable tool to combat auto theft. Criminal organizations spread across many jurisdictions, including other countries.

Frequently visit the websites of your local chapter, WRC and IAATI to obtain upcoming training and events. Stay active and attend meetings to share and gather information.

Also take advantage of the IAATI website. There is a lot of valuable information available for you the member. I encourage you to sign up on the “members only” section to obtain additional information to include the “E News” and the members list.

I would like to thank all of you for your support and look forward to representing you during this next year. If I can be of assistance or you have any suggestions please contact me at anytime.

J.D. Hough
2010 Western Regional Chapter President

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